Saturday, June 22, 2013

UAE Federal laws give consumers right to get purchased product exchanged within 3 months

‘Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged’ is no longer the norm in the UAE, thanks to the efforts of the government to protect the rights of consumers, according to lawyer Abdullah Da’aives.

The UAE has both legislation to protect the rights of consumers and bodies competent to receive consumer complaints against dealers and take action to resolve them.

Abdullah Da’aives said this during the “Good Morning Dubai” programme broadcast on the Sama Dubai channel.

He pointed out that UAE federal laws give consumers the right to get a purchased product exchanged within three months in the case of consumer goods and six months in the case of durables.

The laws give buyers the right to seek compensation if the purchased product is damaged and the seller fails to repair or replace it, he added.The lawyer said buyers must keep the purchase invoice and certificate of warranty to ensure that their rights are protected.

If the buyer fails to resolve the matter with the seller, he can approach the Consumer Protection Department in the Ministry of Economy.

He said consumers must assert their rights if a defect is found in any purchased product instead of simply buying a new one.He added that informing the authorities may help prevent harm to other buyers, particularly in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products because authorities have the right to confiscateall similar products in the market, especially if they are past their expiry date.

The lawyer also stressed the need to activate a recent decision of the Ministry of Economy to ‘Arabise’ purchase invoices since there are many consumers who do not know the English language in which most bills are currently made.