Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Student Visa Dubai

The UAE educational system comprises of a variety of academic institutions - Schools, Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, there are several Training Institutes that offer professional qualification and training programs in various fields. Each institution has its own objective, structure, and admission requirements.
There are a few governmental universities and colleges in UAE where admission is restricted to nationals only. However, there are several private institutions where enrollment is open to any student who meets the admission requirements.
A student may enroll in any program of his/her choice. Programs may vary from academic, technical, and professional degree programs in various disciplines, preparing students for careers in research and professional practice in every field.
Once you've identified programs of interest to you, you must apply for admission. The first step in this important process is to be sure that the institution at the top of your list is willing to accept you. The institution will need to review your academic background to determine whether you are likely to succeed in its program.
Student Visa
To enroll in primary, secondary or high schools a residence visa is required. However, student visas are provided by all colleges and universities and also a few training institutes. It is preferable to check this before admission. sponsor must be one of the licensed Universities or Educational Institutions in the UAE (recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education)
E-form application (fees paid) including clear personal photo of the sponsored person approved by the sponsors or authorized signatories (signed and stamped)
Required documents:
  • Clear passport copy of the sponsor
  • Copy of the establishment card
  • Copy of the trade license
  • Traveler insurance
AED 1110 e-DNRD fees 
AED 1120 e-form fees 
AED 1000 deposit refundable upon departure of the sponsored person