Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UAE Ministry of Labour approve requests for temporary work permits without employer’s consent

The Ministry of Labour will approve requests for temporary work permits without the consent of the former employer, as long as the residence visa and labour card of the applicant is valid.The ministry’s latest ruling came in reference to labour cases referred to it by the courts, according to a report in Al Khaleej newspaper.
The Ministry of Labor stated that it has received requests from workers for temporary work permits.
The ministry statement said, “The labourers confirmed in their applications that they are working for a private construction company and the project was stopped due to circumstances involving the company.“So they wanted to work, for a limited time, for another company till the conditions of their original company improved.”
According to the employment contract they were not allowed to work for anywhere else for the term of their contract - two years.However, the ministry granted temporary work permits because the company is not paying them wages on a monthly basis.
The ministry, however, requires that the workers submit documents proving that the current establishment has not paid the wages for two months or more, based on a report of the Office of Protection of Wages, or the Labour Relations department.