Wednesday, January 26, 2011

60-day work permits for first-time workers in UAE

Ministry of Labour has announced that new workers can now come to the UAE on work permits valid for 60 days, provided they are above 18 years of age and posses a passport valid for more than six months. Most importantly, the rule is applicable only to those who have never worked in the UAE before.Such work permits can be extended six times provided the fee and bank guarantee are paid before each expiry date. Expired work permits will incur a fine of Dh500 for every 10 days from the date of original expiry or the extended expiry date.
And in case of non-payment of fees and bank guarantee within 60 days, the permit will be automatically cancelled.UAE citizens and GCC nationals cannot apply under this permit.
Similarly, companies bringing such workers must possess a valid licence and the person in charge must possess the authority to have an electronic signature.Tasheel centres are authorised to issue such work permits