Thursday, December 30, 2010

Canadians travel to United Arab Emirates to pay stiff visa fees from January 2, 2011

Canadians wishing to travel to the United Arab Emirates will have to pay stiff visa fees of up to C$1,000, C$250 for a 30-day visa,C $500 for a three-month visa and a whoppingC $1,000 for a six-month, multiple-entry visa . Canada had been one of more than 30 countries whose citizens could travel to the U.A.E. on a free one-month visa. The new fees, which are unusually high by international standards, appear to represent the latest episode in a diplomatic row over landing rights for U.A.E.-based airlines in Canada. The new paid visas are mandatory effective January 2.
"The complete visa application needs to be sent to the UAE Embassy 15 working days before the departure date," the embassy said in its requirements, posted on Tuesday.
The UAE Embassy noted that a "short-term visa" will cost C$250 and would be valid for 30 days, a long-term visa for three months would cost C$500 and a six-month multiple-entry visa will set travelers back C$1,000.
Requiring an approved UAE visa in advance of arrival is a radical departure from the time when Canadians were granted visas upon arrival at Dubai and Abu Dhabi international airports.The new rules won't necessarily affect a large portion of the roughly 25,000 Canadians who live and work in the UAE because many already possess residence permits.