Monday, November 15, 2010

Termination of Employment Contract in UAE – Frequently asked Questions

1. When the contract is terminated?

It is terminated in the following cases:

If both parties agree on its termination, provided that the worker's consent is given in writing, If the limited contract expires, unless tacitly or expressly extended. If the employer resigned the worker or the worker submitted his resignation in the unlimited contracts, provided that each of them shall notify the other according to the law.

2. Is the contract terminated by worker's or employer's death? - Article (114).

Employment contract shall not be terminated by employer's death, unless the subject of the contract is connected with his own person. But the contract is terminated by worker's death or his total disability, on a condition of providing an approved medical certificate for the same.

3. If the worker's disability is partial, is the employment contract terminated?

If the disability is partial, he can perform other works according to his health condition -an employer shall , according to a request from the worker , shall shift the worker to another position suitable to the worker .. and to pay him the salary given at such position.

* Example: a worker is injured.. His injury is partial as per a medical report.. The worker then requested from the employer to shift him from his current position (builder) to another one suitable with his health condition (guard) - there, the employer shall pay the worker a monthly salary of (guard ) , not a salary of his last position ( builder).