Thursday, February 18, 2010

Renewal of residence (employment) permits of private sector workers

This involves a description of procedures of Naturalization & Residency Administration (Dubai) in renewing residence (employment) permits for a private sector workers

Required Documents:

• Prepaid e-form application

• Original passport of the sponsored worker

• 2 photographs of the sponsored worker

• Original medical certificate

• Original and copy of labour card or postal receipt

• Original and copy of the main valid commercial license.

• Copy of the valid establishment card

Fees & Collection

AED 100 as residence permit fees for each year (3 years maximum) according to the e-form

AED 120 urgent delivery fees (optional).

AED 10 for ordinary delivery applications

Special Notes:

Fees for residence permits and typing of applications shall be paid at the typing offices while all security deposits shall be paid cash to the bank staff at the Section hall. Fines against overstaying 17 days or less shall be paid cash to the “Fines Collection” staff at the Section hall, while fines for overstaying longer than 17 days shall be paid cash to the bank staff at the Section hall.