Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dubai visit visa for a family member


Visit visas for immediate family members can be obtained by residents (called sponsors), whose monthly salary is not less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 + accommodation.

Documents Required:
• Typed Application form
• A copy of the sponsor’s passport & family member's passport
• 1 photo of the family member
• Marriage contract attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Embassy (for sponsoring a wife or husband)
• Attested birth certificates (for sponsoring children)
• Relationship proof attested from the Embassy (in case relationship cannot be proved from from family names in sponsor and relative's passport)
• Attested work contract if the sponsor is working in a private company or a salary certificate if working in government

• AED 110 Application fee + typing fees
• AED 100 urgent application fee (optional)
• AED 10 Empost label (if you do not need urgent service)


1. Go to any authorized typing office & get application form typed. Specify if urgent or non-urgent visa.
2. Go to DNRD & for non-urgent visa, purchase an AED 10 Empost sticker. Write your complete address & contact details. Submit along with your documents to Visa Section.
3. Empost will courier the visa to you within 2 working days, at the address listed on the Empost sticker.
4. Send either original or copy to your relative. If only copy was sent, then deposit original at the airport. It is advisable to deposit visa giving sufficient time for flight to land. You can also write flight number/date & time on reverse of original before submission.

Please Note: This visit visa is initially valid for 30 days, though it is automatically renewed without charge for another 30 days. To extend beyond these 60 days, you can renew for a further 30 days on payment of AED 500. Any stay beyond this is punishable with over-stay fines.

For more information, visit DNRD website or call their friendly Amer Toll free service on 800-5111