Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New draft law offer Better conditions for UAE house maids

The Federal National Council (FNC) approved a draft federal law on domestic workers during its 16th legislative session held 30th May under the chairmanship of Dr Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, President of the Council.

The new draft law comes as part of the UAE's continuous efforts to provide the best living conditions for its residents. It also aims to enact special legislation to regulate all issues and procedures related to helping workers, while safeguarding their rights and duties and spelling out procedures for their recruitment.

The council stressed the importance of the draft law in regulating the relationship between employers, workers and recruitment agencies. It has a provision prohibiting the recruitment or employment of any worker under the age of 18, and also prohibits non-citizens to act as a broker for the recruitment of workers.

The worker may not be recruited or employed except in accordance with the conditions, controls and procedures provided for in this law, it adds.

The draft law also says the recruitment office is obliged not to bring the worker from his country unless he declares the type of work, its nature, the amount of the comprehensive wage and the availability of proof of fitness, health, psychological, professional and other conditions determined by the executive regulations of this law.

It stipulates that the worker has the right to a weekly rest day and compensated adequately if he/she has to work on an off. The worker is entitled to annual leave for 30 days for each year. According to the draft law, the worker has the right to sick leave for a period of not more than 30 days in the contractual year.

The amended draft law also requires the recruitment offices to bear the expenses of returning the worker to his country. The workers have the right to keep their official documents such as passports. And the recruitment offices should bear the expenses of returning the worker to his/her country.