Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FAWRI - UAE Government e-Visa online application system

This online system allows companies to apply, re-apply, track and complete their immigration procedures for issuing visas from the comfort of their office.

From 1st April 2013, all employment entry permit/visa applications had to be submitted online using the username and password of the registered establishment and companies must apply and pay for FAWRI. Hard copies of the ‘pink’ employment entry permit were no longer be issued from Immigration. These entry permits can now be printed directly from the online system once it has been submitted and approved. All companies need to be registered at Immigration to obtain their usernames and passwords.

Subscribe features in the system (Fawri)

  •     You do not need Impost service
  •     Visa is obtained immediately
  •     You do not need to sponsor’s signature
    Required document to participate in Fawri:
  •      Copy of the business license
  •     Copy of the firm card
  •     To Whom It May Concern from the authorised signatory inscribed in the firm
  •     To Whom It May Concern certificate from the company to use the Fawri system
  •     The sponsor or representative (PRO) contact numbers.
    Automated payment service
    Issuance of Entry Permits for Workers in Government Sector.
    Issuance of Entry Permits for Workers in Private Sector.
    Issuance of Mission Permits for 90 Days.
    Issuance of Short Visit Entry Permits for 30 days.
    Issuance of Long Visit Entry Permits for 90 days.
    Issuance of Tourism Entry Permits.
    Issuance and Renewal of Residency.

Included Emirates:
    Abu Dhabi
    Ras Al Khaimah
    Um Al Qaiwain
    Al Ain
Late in 2014 FAWRI costs went up – in Abu Dhabi, there is now an AED 2000 Fee plus AED 5000 Deposit required. From 1st September 2015, ALL companies in Dubai will also have to now register with FAWRI as well.

From December 2016, onwards In Abu Dhabi when making employment entry permits/visa applications, Immigration is now checking that companies have correctly registered for FAWRI and have paid the AED 2060 Initial Fee plus the AED 5050 Deposit. Companies will need to submit proof that this has been done in the form of their initial deposit receipt. In addition, there is now an annual fee for the eVisa FAWRI system of AED 1200 payable by all companies in Abu Dhabi.

FAWRI includes the following services

    Entry Permits
    Mission Visas – 90 Days
    Short Visit Entry Permits / Visas – 30 days
    Long Visit Entry Permits / Visas – 90 days
    Tourism Visas / Entry Permits
    Issuance and Renewal of Resident Visas

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