Saturday, May 28, 2016

U.A.E Residence visa never cancelled automatically

A common question asked by most of the employees in U.A.E, the residence visa expire on the date mentioned in the visa require cancellation. It is very important to keep in mind that a residence visa can expire and become invalid in time, but never automatically cancelled. All visas should be properly cancelled even if someone is leaving the UAE or able to stay on a tourist visa. They will face problems when attempting to re-enter the country on a visit visa. If visa not properly cancelled it is  not possible to obtain a new residence visa . If an employer or sponsor has not dealt with this, an individual can go to any main office of the Immigration Department in the relevant emirate, or the one where the visa was issued, with a passport to request cancellation. The charges should amount to no more than Dh250 including typing fees. The Emirates ID card must be handed over when the visa is cancelled as part of the process, as the identity card is linked to the visa.