Saturday, July 25, 2015

Buckscapital- UAE based Crowdfunding platform pre-launch website at Kochi UAE based crowdfunding platform pre-launched its website before a group of media at Kochi. The functioning of the crowdfunding starts August middle of this year from UAE. Initially the activities limited to UAE, GCC countries and India. The entrepreneurs and investors can register their interest

What is Crowdfunding?

 Crowdfunding is raising funds from multiple investors through a web-based platform or social networking site for a specific project, business venture or social cause. Crowdfunding is "the" alternative method for entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and non-profits to get funding. In its basic form, it is the pooling together of small amounts of money from a group of people that share your passion and that you interact with online using social media. Everyone can use it without going to the banks or VCs, and the likelihood of getting funded is significantly higher.

There are four basic types of crowdfunding: Donation, Rewards, Debt and Equity. Each type is based on what the investor receives in return for funding a campaign.
 Donation -In this model, individuals make a financial contribution to a project without any expectations of financial benefits.
 Rewards - The investor receives a reward or perk in return for pledging. Common rewards include a thank you note, a branded t-shirt, or the product being funded (i.e., a pre- sale of the product).
Debt - Often called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) or Peer-to-Business Lending. The investor gives money in the form of a loan and receives profit in return.

Equity - The investor receives ownership in the company in return for their investment.
Buckscapital help the entrepreneurs to get the exposure for their projects and  potential investors to have a profitable platform for investment . Through this international crowdfunding platform, aim to reform the global entrepreneurial environs by providing the wide network of investors and entrepreneurs. Buckscapital tries to build up a new standard of excellence in capital market, stands for your strong base for everlasting success.