Tuesday, October 14, 2014

20 second immigration clearence at all UAE airports within few months

 The smart gates now available at Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi Airport provide residents as well as visitors easy passing through the immigration formalities in 20 seconds approximately.

Registration for the e-Gate is required and it will save the details of the traveller in the system. Currently, registration in Dubai only provides access at Dubai’s airport, and registration in Abu Dhabi only to the airport in the capital.

This is soon to change, explained Saif Al Mazrouei of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) at Gitex Technology Week.

“All e-Gates will be unified and all airports will work together, so an e-Gate user will only be required to register once.”

Currently e-Gate registration is available free-of-charge at the airports where the technology is available, at GDRFA service centers and at Dnata offices. The applicant needs to be able to present a valid passport and residency visa.

Once registered, the long queues at the immigration desk of the airport can be skipped, and the traveller can head directly to the e-Gate. Here, he will first be asked to present the passport, after which a first gate opens.

An eye scan will verify whether the person is indeed the same as the passport holder, and the passport validity will be checked. When both verifications are successful, the second gate will open and the process will be complete.

The current system is an updated version of the older e-Gate system, which required passengers to present an e-Gate card that had to be purchased.

Although the old e-Gate system was available at all airports, the new technology was only recently introduced as a trial basis, and will be expanded to all airports before the year-end.
Within the next couple of months, the latest e-Gate technology will become available at all airports in the country. Once a person has registered as an e-Gate user, this will provide access to e-Gates of all airports in the UAE.