Sunday, May 26, 2013

Illegal Dubai residents to pay overstay fines monthly instalments

 Dubai: Illegal residents who cannot pay their overstaying fines are being urged by authorities to take part in a system that allows them to pay their fines in monthly instalments.

Residency prosecution officials with the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) started Maysara programme in 2011 to allow those found guilty by the Residency Court of Misdemeanours to pay fines in instalments.
Maysara, an Arabic word which means making things easier, allows illegals who are penalised by the Residency Court of Misdemeanours to make payments on their fines within up to two years.
“Maysara has come to make the life of those, convicted by the court and fined, easier. Hundreds of the requests of convicts to install their fines have been approved by the court in the past two years. Their total sum of fines reached several millions of dirhams,” a senior official from the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) told Gulf News.

“Convicts, who are fined more than Dh50,000 by the Residency Court of Misdemeanours can pay their fines through Maysara system,” the official said.

He said convicted persons who received hefty fines for violating the residency law by hiring illegal workers or absconded can make use of this service.

The official said Maysara was introduced to make the process of collecting the fines easier, especially convicts who cannot afford paying their fines in full amounts.

The official said that Maysara also helped in reducing the number of detainees who are fined by to remain in custody until the pay the fines in full.

“For convicts to benefit from Maysara, they themselves, their relatives, well-wishers, or legal representatives can lodge a request at Dubai Public Prosection website to have their fines installed.”

It is required to pay part of the fine as decided by the Residency Public Prosecution.

“The request will be approved by the head of Residency Prosecution or the Attorney General or his representative. The conditions for a convict to benefit from Maysara are that the ruling should be irrevocable and that the convict is financially incapable of paying the fine in full.

“The convict will be asked to sign an undertaking to commit to the instalments. The convicts should also make available a guarantor who will commit to paying the fines in case the convict failed to do so.”

The official said any application submitted to make use of Maysara must be written in Arabic.

“Applications written in any other language rather than Arabic will be rejected,” the official said.