Thursday, April 4, 2013

Expats who change name after marriage must get new ID card - EIDA

Expatriates in the UAE who change their surnames after marriage must obtain new Emirates Identity Cards.
According to Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) individuals who change their family names after marriage need to replace their old ID Cards, reported Emarat Al Youm.

And in case there is no change to the name, residents will still need to visit their nearest registration centres within a month of their wedding and update their status on their ID cards. The service is free of charge and can be quickly completed, added the Authority.

Eida added that any minor change in personal details, such as a change in address or designation will also have to be updated on the ID Cards.

They are required to visit registration centres or electronic booths of Eida.

Residents can check their details by going to the ‘update and review your card information’ online.

Similarly, if residents type in errors about their personal information, they are required to contact the customer service centre and rectify the mistake. But if the card has been printed and delivered with a mistake on, then the holder must contact the nearest registration centre.

As per the regulations of the Federal Law, residents registered with Eida and the population register must inform the Authority about any change in their personal information within a month of the change taking place.