Sunday, March 31, 2013

UAE Nurseries must have licence from Ministry of Social Affairs

A new law regulating nurseries in the UAE that was recently adopted by the Council of Ministers prohibits nurseries from operating without a licence from the Ministry of Social Affairs,  the Arabic newspaper Al Khaleej has reported.

Violators face both fines and imprisonment, the ministry has warned.

Meanwhile, Mouza Al-Shoumi, director of the children’s department at the Ministry of Social Affairs, told ‘Al Khaleej’ that Article II of the law says that nurseries must provide care and education to children in a safe environment.
She added nurseries must help to develop the child's personality, talents, and mental and physical abilities, including communication skills.
She said the new law empowers local authorities in each emirate to lay down conditions for granting licences to nurseries.She said according to the new law, the chairman of the company seeking a nursery school licence should be an Emirati. The ministry will not approve issue of a licence if the chairman is not an Emirati.

She also said the new law contains a commitment to children with special needs. It also mentions qualifications of nursery school staff, their appointment and the building’s specifications.