Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Balcony barbeques in Dubai may incur up to Dh500,000 fine

Residents of Dubai who use balconies for activities that put at risk public health and safety are violating rules and will be penalised, according to a top Dubai Municipality official.
Redha Salman, Director, Public Health Department and Safety of Community, Dubai Municipality, told  that although Local Decree No.11 of 2003 does not prevent residents from barbequing on balconies, if their actions threaten public health safety or if they cause harm to environment, then that is considered a violation of the decree and offenders will incur fines between Dh100 and Dh500,000.

The amount will vary according to the degree of threat to public safety and health, he added.
If the offence is repeated within a year a fine not exceeding Dh500,000 will be slapped, he added.

The penalties could also include suspension of utility services for not more than three months and suspension of activity permits for a period not exceeding one month.

However, the decree does not include buildings in free zones and freehold properties in Dubai, Salman said and urged authorities to bring them under the purview of the rule.

He also called on residents to circulate the terms of the local order among all nationalities so they understand what is permitted.
Salman said smells, sounds, fumes, dust and waste resulting from any building or facility or dumping waste that may pose a threat to public health and safety is included under the local order. Similarly, any building or creative activity undertaken that puts at risk public safety is also considered a violation.

Animal farming in residential and populated areas is also against the rules, he added.