Monday, October 1, 2012

Affidavit must for residency or visit visa in Ajman

Expatriates intending to sponsor their parents for a visit or residency to Ajman, are being asked to offer a sworn affidavit from Ajman Court.

According to Ajman Naturalization and Residency Department, those intending to sponsor one or both of their parents must produce a letter from his or her consulate to the court.

The letter should be produced to the Ajman Naturalization and Residency Department, and then the sponsor will have to attest the letter from Ajman Court to obtain a sworn affidavit.

A typed form, costing Dh.350 is required for the purpose. Expatriates can show up at Ajman Court with two Muslim witnesses (this is a must, irrespective of the religion of the sponsor or sponsored) to prove that the sponsored is their mother or father.

Although, a letter from sponsor’s consulate proving the identity of sponsor’s father or mother is a must for the residency departments of all emirates, the attestation in the letter and obtaining a sworn affidavit is required only in Ajman.

As per the new visa rule introduced early this year, expats can sponsor only their blood relatives for visit visa, and not their friends.