Thursday, August 2, 2012

RTA forfeits money for not using Salik for three years in Dubai

According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), it is a rule and has always been the case, but most motorists are not aware of this. If a commuter with a Salik account does not use Salik for a long time, 36 months to be precise, then he is bound to lose all the money in the account.
Mohammad Ebrahim Al Awadhi, Director ITS, at RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, says people have to use Salik only once in three years to save the money.
“The Salik credit will be forfeited should the user not pass the Salik toll gate over a period of three years. Secondly, as the time period of not passing under the toll gate is about to lapse {which is three years} he is notified through an SMS. Before the lapse of three years, if he passes even once, his credit will not be forfeited and he is again given a time period of three more years,” said Al Awadhi.