Monday, July 16, 2012

Women on relatives’ sponsorship exit country for job visa in Dubai

Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News
Dubai: Women on relatives’ sponsorship have to leave the country before they can transfer their visa to employment, according to officials from the residency department.

Officials said that any woman sponsored by her relatives and wishing to transfer her sponsorship to employment visa must leave the country in order to be able to be issued the employment visa.

The officials said that if a woman is on her husband, father, brother or any relative’s sponsorship and she want to transfer her it to her employer, the relative must obtain an air ticket in her name and bring it to the residency department in order to cancel her visa.

The officials explained that the woman will be given seven days in order to leave the country.

“When the employment visa from the ministry of labour is ready then the woman can enter the country again,” the officials said.

Previously, the move was only applicable to expatriates who entered the country on visit visas and wished to change it to employment. Adjusting the legal status for everyone used to cost Dh500, without the need to leave the country.

The official said that this facility does not exist anymore and all who are on their relatives’ sponsorship must leave the country to obtain employment visa.
People questioned the move and said that this will make their life difficult.

In 2004, the UAE government took decision to allow expatriates to amend their visa statu following a Kish Airline Fokker-50 crash as it was approaching Sharjah Airport on February 10. The plane was carrying people who had flown from the UAE to Kish Island so that they could change their visa status. Forty-eight people were killed in the crash, with just three survivors. After the crash, the UAE amended its visa rules, so that people in the country could change a visit visa to an employment visa by paying a Dh500 fee.