Sunday, June 10, 2012

Insecure environment at work site, UAE ministry rejects work visas for women

The Ministry of Labour has rejected several applications by employers for new work visas for women in line with existing laws which ban the employment of females at insecure job sites.

The Ministry told employers at companies located at an industrial zone in Dubai that it would not grant work permits for women because of the “unsafe and insecure work environment at that site,” Alkhaleej daily said.
Article-30 No women shall be employed on any job that is hazardous, arduous or physically or morally detrimental or on any other work as may be specified in a resolution by the Minister, after consulting the concerned authorities.
“The Ministry of Labour stressed that it would not give any exceptions in this respect…it said its decision followed field visits by its inspectors to those sites,” the Sharjah-based Arabic language daily said.

“The Ministry affirmed its commitment to laws which ban the employment of women at certain work sites to ensure their safety.”

The report said the Ministry also made clear women cannot work at night at most sites except in emergency cases and in medical and related jobs.
Article-28 No women shall be required to work at night. The term “at night” refers to the period from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
The paper noted that UAE labour laws prohibit the employment of women at mines and other underground work sites as well as fireworks factories, welding workshops and other dangerous fields.