Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No family visa cancellation required for job change in UAE

Hi,am sponsored by my husband and we both have Dubai visa.I came here on 12th December 2011.But now my husband got a new job in Sharjah Airport free he need to change his visa.How can i hold my visa and do we need to submit 2 bedroom contract.I am looking forward for your detailed valuable advice regarding this as early as possible.
Thank You. 


Answer :
The general immigration practice in the United Arab Emirates requires expats switching employers not only to cancel their own residence visas but also the visas of everyone under their sponsorship, be it spouses, children or housemaids. It is only after cancellation is arranged that expat may apply for the visas sponsored by the new company. General directorate of residency and foreigners affairs (DNRD) residence visas of persons under sponsorship may stay in place and remain valid for the originally determined period of time, regardless of the sponsor’s visa change. The employee or resident must apply to the NRD (before the cancellation procedure) for not cancelling the visas of members of his family or those under his sponsorship. He should attach the 5,000 dirhams bank guarantee, the new employment permit issued by the Ministry of Labour to the new sponsor, and the job offer letter from the new employer. The original passports and deposit is kept by the DNRD until the new visa is issued. This sum can be refunded once the sponsor obtains the new residence permit. Residence permits of family members will be automatically transferred to the sponsor without the need to pay a fee.