Thursday, December 22, 2011

Seatbelts mandatory for rear seat passengers in Dubai

The General Department of Traffic of Dubai Police has prepared a new Bill which, once approved, will make it mandatory for rear passengers in vehicles to wear seat belts, according to Arabic dailies this morning.

The proposal says it will be the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all passengers in a vehicle are buckled up, and in the event of failing to do so, the driver may be fined.

Lt. General Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin said the proposal was made based on accidents in which rear passengers could have avoided injuries or even deaths had they been wearing seatbelts.

He added that the Police found that the risk for children sitting in the back seat doubled because they rarely buckle up, with their parents believing that sitting in the rear would automatically protect them in case of an accident.

He stressed that the draft law imposed on the driver to oblige the passengers sitting in the back seat to harness seat belts, and in case of a failure to do so, he will be subject to violation.