Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Residents on family visa can seek employment like any other person - Ministry of Labour issues clarification

Residents who are on their family visa have a right to seek employment under contracts of both, limited and indefinite durations, just like any other person in the UAE.
This was stated during a weekly meeting of the Ministry of Labour and representatives of various institutions on Monday, according to an Al Khaleej report.
A no-objection certificate for such work permits has to be cleared and granted by the ministry, but officials clarified that there is some confusion at typing centres, that those on family visas can only work on fixed-term contracts.
An official said: “This is not true.”
Officials added that the ministry is the only body authorised to apply a six-month ban in the absence of en employee violating a two-year contract.
This came in response to a complaint submitted by a worker, where he said the company canceled his labor card and claimed to impose a ban after he was terminated by the facility.