Wednesday, June 8, 2011

medical examination for licence seekers who are 60 years and above

Roads and Transport Authority is planning to introduce medical examination for licence seekers who are 60 years and above. This includes even those who wish to renew their expired licence. The move aims to ensure drivers are healthy and free from illnesses, reported 'Emarat Al Youm'.

Ahmed Bahrouzyan, Executive Director of the Licensing Department, RTA, said: "RTA will undertake a comprehensive study to modify and develop procedures for obtaining driving licence in coordination with the Interior Ministry and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)."

RTA has not yet determined the age category where the new procedures will be applied, but in all probability it would cover those above 60 years, he added.

He said the body meets regularly with the Dubai Health Authority, to identify the types of medical examinations and age groups that should be subjected to tests as well as to identify chronic diseases that would aggrevate due to driving.

Bahrouzyan said the RTA seeks to implement best global practices in the service of security and safety on the roads.

He added the RTA is currently considering the application of a British study related to drivers of commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles to transport hazardous materials. It would later be submitted to the DHA to be discussed and modified to implement in the region.

The licencing department issued 33,142 licences in the first quarter of this year, he said and added that the success rate in obtaining driving licences witnessed a significant increase of 29 per cent.

RTA is seeking to develop its services to ensure the success of raising the proportion of applicants for driving licence by 35 per cent.