Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eida to introduce online ID registration soon

Applicants seeking to register in the UAE national identity could fill the needed form at home and avoid standing in long queues at packed registration centres when authorities introduce an online service soon.

The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), which oversees the landmark ID project, said it was in the process of introducing such online service that will allow all applicants of filling the ID form, paying fees and getting an appointment for finger printing without having to go to registration centres.

“We are developing an electronic ID form so applicants themselves can fill it online without having to deal with registration centres…the form will be available online shortly,” EIDA director general Ali Alkhouri told Emarat Alyoum daily.

“Once this service is enforced, applicants will only have to fill the form online though EIDA’s website, upload all needed documents and pay fees online…they then can get an appointment for finger printing online.”

Khouri said existing authorized registration centres would remain in operation for those who do not wish to have their applications processed online.

He told the paper the online service would be introduced on a limited trial basis in September before it is fully enforced by the end of the year.

“This is a strategic move as the new service is expected to largely increase the rate of registration…applicants will be able to register online at their homes or offices without having to wait for long periods at registration centres.”

Khouri said the new service would cut fees paid by applicants by nearly 40 per cent as they will not be required to pay up to Dh70 in fees for registration.