Monday, March 7, 2011

Pay your residency violation fines in installments - Dubai Public Prosecution

New system in Dubai allows violators to clear dues over a maximum of two years

The Dubai Public Prosecution has announced a programme that allows the payment of fines involving residency offences through an installment scheme.
The Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution in Dubai Public Prosecution has launched ‘Mayserah’, an initiative is aimed at foreigners who violate the residency law and as a result have to pay a hefty fine.
Gulf Today reported that it is the first procedural programme at the prosecution level in the country that works on payments of fines in installments.Some fines are estimated to be as high as Dh50,000.

Residency offenders are not considered dangerous and are not regarded as criminals.Their violation is based on their infringement of foreigners’ entry and residency law, in addition to Labour Law.

Hence, the “Mayserah” initiative focuses on serving the objective of the Public Prosecution in facilitating the process of the payment of fines. The initiative, which is based on Article 208 of the Federal Law of Penal Procedures, aims to aid those who are unable to clear hefty fines in one payment.
The installment plan will not exceed two years.

An offender or a legal representative has to submit an application after taking consent from the chief prosecutorOnly offenders who are unable to pay the fines immediately can apply for the programme.

The offender also has to appoint a guarantor who commits to pay the fines, in case the offender is unable to pay.The prosecution has already approved of 10 cases, in which payment of fines amounting to a total of Dh1 million has been permitted through installments.