Monday, January 3, 2011

UAE Labour ministry reduced employment fee for companies

Employment fee for facilities under Category A has been reduced from Dh11,000 to Dh300 a year. Transfer fee for companies under Category B, which earlier paid Dh11,500 for three years has been reduced to Dh1,500 for two years. Firms under Category C, which shelled out Dh12,000 now need to pay just Dh2,000 for two years.
The ministry cancelled all fees for employment of nationals in the private sector to boost emiratisation. Similarly, fees for recruitment of GCC nationals have also been lifted.
The ministry stressed the need for all workers to have a valid labour card and valid residency visa with the relevant signatures of the authorities. Even those unregistered until now, including government workers, students, children below 18 years, and spouses of citizens