Saturday, August 21, 2010

Criteria for obtaining a health card in Dubai

In order to obtain a residency visa and labour card, all expatriates are required to undergo a medical and blood test. Employers usually arrange for all the necessary paperwork.

If you are not covered by a company or private medical insurance, it is advisable to apply for a health card which entitles residents to low cost medical treatment at public hospitals and clinics. An application form can be collected from any public hospital then submitted (typed in Arabic), along with the correct documents to your local Health Care Center. The health card is valid for one year and can be renewed online.
Documents required:
Passport copy
Covering letter from sponsor
Visa application copy
2 passport size photographs
Completed application form
Citizens (card valid for 4 years)
0-9 Years - AED 25
10-17 Years - AED 50
18 Years and Above - AED 100
Non Citizens(card valid for 1 year)
0-9 Years - AED 100
10-17 Years - AED 200
17 Years and Above - AED 300
plus AED 200/- for medical examination