Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free insurance scheme launched for Indian labourers in Bahrain

A free insurance scheme for 100,000 low-paid Indian labourers in Bahrain has been launched, it was reported on Tuesday.
The scheme, set up by the Indian Embassy, offers medical coverage for worksite injuries and will pay up to BD1,000 in the event a worker dies, the Gulf Daily News reports.
Officials told the paper the insurance scheme will benefit about 140,000 labourers who earn less than BD150 ($398) a month.The scheme, announced on Monday, began on June 1 and will provide cover until May 31, 2011.
The Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF), which operates the policy, has paid a BD15,000 premium to cover all Indian laboreports.urers who earn less than BD150 a month with the New India Assurance Company, the paper