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Immigration New Zealand Dubai Office

Dubai branch address:
Immigration New Zealand – Dubai branch,Suite 1503, Level 15
API Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Finding : API Tower is next to the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road – opposite the World Trade Centre.
Dubai branch contact details: Phone +971 4 332 7031  - Fax +971 4 329 1390
Email :
Dubai branch opening hours
The Dubai branch is open from 8.30am to 12.00 noon, Sunday to Thursday.
If you wish to make a telephone query about your application, please call between 8.30am and 12 noon Sunday to Thursday.
The branch is closed on the following days:2010
Birth of the Prophet Mohammed (Mouloud) 28 February (Sunday)*
Easter Sunday 4 April (Sunday)
Ascension of the Prophet (Leilat Al Meiraj) 11 July (Sunday)
End of Ramadan (Eid Al Fitr) 12 September (Sunday)*
End of Ramadan (Eid Al Fitr) 13 September (Monday)*
Feast of the Sacrifice (Eid Al Adha) 18 November (Thursday)*
Feast of the Sacrifice (Eid Al Adha) 21 November (Sunday)*
UAE National Day 2 December (Thursday)
Office Closed – Christmas Day 25 December (Saturday)
Office Closed - Boxing Day 26 December (Sunday)
Office Closed 27 December (Monday)
Office Closed 30 December (Thursday)
* Islamic holidays are tentative dates, subject to moon sighting.
Visa processing times
The average processing times for the various application types from when we receive all required documentation are:
•visitor visa – 21 to 30 days
•student visa – 30 to 45 days
•work visa – 30 to 45 days.
These are indicative timeframes only and should not be taken to mean that we guarantee your application will be processed within these timeframes.
At present  have a backlog of applications awaiting processing. Branch are taking steps to deal with the backlog and while they make every effort to meet the above timeframes, this is not always possible.
Applicants should allow at least four weeks for the processing of visa applications. Some applications may take longer to process than others and we will not necessarily know how long we will take to process your application until it is assessed.
Applications may take longer than four weeks to process if:
•they require further information •documents require verification
•there are any issues noted on your Medical or X-ray Certificate that need to be followed up
•They need to refer your application to an onshore branch for processing.
This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why your application may not be processed within four weeks.
While the Dubai Branch may be the receiving office for your application, some applications submitted to us must be transferred to New Zealand for processing. This is likely to mean that the processing time is longer than if the application could be processed in Dubai. They will contact you should this apply to your application.
It is important that you provide us with as much time to process your application as possible and we stress that you should not make irreversible travel plans before having your visa issued. Any bookings made are made at the risk of the applicant.
Don’t forget to check out our checklists for full information on lodging an application with Dubai Branch.
Frequently asked questions
Who does not need a visa?
People from visa free countries do not need a visa to enter New Zealand.
Does INZ have a list of approved agents or consultants?
The Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) in New Zealand has a register of licensed immigration advisers, see Immigration New Zealand accepts applications from clients or through their authorised representatives (such as licensed immigration advisers).
How do I lodge a visa application?
You can lodge your application in person between 8.30am to 12.00 noon from Sunday to Thursday or your application can be submitted by courier. If you are submitting your application by courier, please ensure you provide a return courier envelope so your passport can be returned to you.
What documents should I lodge with my visa application?
You can take a look at our checklists to find out what documents you need to provide.
Is an original confirmed ticket required with an application for a visitor visa?
You do not need to submit an original travel ticket with the visa application.
We do ask for copies of travel booking but recommend clients do not purchase a ticket before the visa is approved.
Who can be included in a visitor visa application?
One visitor visa application can include a husband and wife and their dependent children 19 years of age and under.
Do I need to submit my application in person?
No. You can send your application by courier or arrange for someone else to bring your application to our office.
Do I need to pay for the return of my documents?
Yes. You will either need to collect your documents from our office or arrange for a return courier. We recommend you do not use postal services. If a friend is collecting your passport from our office, you will need to give us written permission to give them the passport.
Can I apply for both a New Zealand and Australian visa from your office?
What are the processing times for the different types of visa applications?
See our visa application processing times.
Can I have my application processed in shorter timeframe?
Your application will be treated as urgent only in extreme circumstances such as a serious family illness, to attend a funeral in New Zealand, or to seek urgent medical treatment.
Can I pay a fee to have my application processed urgently?
No. Applications will only be processed urgently in emergencies and no extra fee is charged.
How can I apply for an extension to my visa?
You should travel to New Zealand within the period that your visa is valid. If you are unable to do so, you must lodge a new application along with the processing fee and all relevant information to obtain a new visa.
How much money should I carry with me if I am travelling to New Zealand on a holiday?
You will need approximately NZ$1000 per person per month.
Where can I get my medical certificates completed?
We will only accept medical certificates completed by an Immigration New Zealand (INZ) panel doctor. We will not accept reports or certificates from a doctor not on the INZ list of panel doctors.
What does outward passage/funds waived mean?
If your visa label states 'Outward Passage Waived' or 'Funds Waived', you will not be required to show evidence of return journey or evidence of funds at the airport. However, if these are not waived you will be required to carry a return ticket and sufficient funds to meet the expenses of your visit to New Zealand.
My family and I have been issued visitor visas together which are valid for the same period of time. Do we all need to travel at the same time?
No, the entire family does not need to travel at the same time. However, everyone needs to enter New Zealand before their visa expires.
When should I apply for the transfer of a visa?
If your passport has a valid New Zealand visa (including a returning resident's visa) and has expired, you must apply for your visa to be transferred from your old passport to your new passport. You cannot travel to New Zealand on a visa in an expired passport.
Please submit your old and new passport along with the current processing fee which can be found in our Office and Fees finder.