Thursday, April 8, 2010

Marriage and pregnancy laws in Dubai and other Emirates

Having a baby is a time of joy and of radical change in the life of both parents. There is so much to think about and prepare before bringing a new life into this world. It is important to be aware of the laws, rights, and services available to expectant mothers in the UAE. Your child can be born in either a government or a private hospital and your new baby’s citizenship will be the same as the baby’s father.
It is of utmost importance for a woman to be married if pregnant in the UAE. At the hospital when you go for your first check-up, you will need to show an original marriage certificate along with copies of your passport and visa. If you are unmarried and pregnant, you should either get married or expatriate unmarried expectant mothers should return to their home countries for the delivery. Also note that abortions in Dubai are illegal unless there are medical complications and the abortion is sanctioned by the hospital.
The Sharia Court in Dubai can perform marriages as per Islamic law, provided the groom is Muslim. Expatriate resident couples who are not Muslim can choose to get married in a church (Christians) temple (Hindus) or a consulate/embassy, though all such marriages need to be registered and attested either by the country of your origin or your respective consulate/embassy.