Friday, January 8, 2010

'UAE committed to protecting labour rights'

The UAE Government insists on strict implementation of all laws governing the labour market so that the rights of all parties are protected, Minister of Labour said. The Minister of Labour Saqr Ghobash Saeed Ghobash on Sunday made the remark during a tour of a labour complex of one of the major companies operating in the country. The ministry had earlier recorded a number of labour law violations by the company for failure to provide standard accommodation facilities to its workers in accordance with the country's rules and regulations. He said there are good indications that proprietors are beginning to be very aware of the need for them to abide by the rules strictly and to shoulder their responsibilities, both ethically and legally. The minister was accompanied by Humaid bin Deemas, acting director-general in the Ministry of Labour, and Inspection Department CEO Mahir Al Obed. Ghobash pointed out that the UAE leadership attaches great priority to the dignity of each individual and to the civil rights of all. He cited a number of initiatives taken in this regard to safeguard those rights. He said it is the responsibility of his ministry to ensure that those initiatives were strictly implemented. He pointed out that owners of companies currently operating in the country had been given five years to rectify their situation, taking into consideration the needs and challenges in the labour market and the environment. He said the ministry will never compromise, during the transition period, on the need to abide by the minimum standard of housing and accommodation rules and regulations in accordance with the provision made by Cabinet Resolution No. 13 of 2009.