Friday, January 8, 2010

Length of stay outside the UAE: (one month or return immediately?)

Gulf News 05 May 2009 reports the previously mentioned Brigadier Al Minhali, as saying "After spending six months in the country, the investor must leave the UAE to return to his home country or any of the GCC countries for at least a month before he is eligible to apply for a fresh multiple entry visa" (at least that's what the print version says, the online version has the words "for at least a month" removed).
A follow up report in the Gulf News on 05 May 2009 said "It was reported earlier that people who complete six months stay need to stay out of UAE for at least a month before being able to renew the visa. However, the Interior ministry on Tuesday confirmed there is no waiting time before renewing the visa."
Khaleej Times 05 May 2009 reports the same Brigadier Al Minhali as saying "To renew the visa, the owners should leave the country to their home lands, or to the GCC countries, without need to stay one month as they can apply to renew the visa after hours of leaving the country"
Income source: (confusion could be because the new law says visa holders are not permitted to work in the UAE - as with any visit visa or residence visa, it is permission to stay in the UAE, not to work)
WAM 02 May 2009 says "Article 34 stipulates that owner should have a fixed income of not less than Dh 10,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies whether inside or outside the country"
Gulf News 05 May 2009 reports that "the investor must have a monthly income no less than Dh10,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies"
The National 05 May 2009 says "The income must come from outside the UAE;"
Our interpretation: Income can come from within UAE or outside, but not as a result of employment in the UAE (income from bank interest, stock dividends, etc should be ok, a questionmark over rental income from properties owned in the UAE).
Old property residence visas:
Emirates Business 05 May 2009 says "All visas given to owners of properties across the UAE will be cancelled after their expiry and they will not be renewed according to old rules, said a senior official" which implies current property residence visa holders can wait until expiry before applying for a new residence visa.
Khaleej Times 05 May 2009 reports the aforementioned Brigadier Al Menhali of the Ministry of the Interior FNRD as saying "We informed the residency departments nationwide to start to settle the old owners' situation in a month as the new decision will be officially implemented by June 1; otherwise, they will violate the law and would be illegals if they have no residencies or work at firms". So watch out if you have one of the old visas.